By selecting Navatio to oversee your Clinical Data Management needs, you can trust that your clinical trial will be executed punctually with the utmost precision in data collection. We leverage a variety of industry-leading electronic data capture (EDC) technologies tailored to your specifications and tailored to accommodate decentralized/virtual trial methodologies.

Our comprehensive Clinical Data Management solution encompasses rapid database deployment, seamless integration of clinical data sources, expert medical coding, proficient query management and resolution, efficient external vendor data management, database lock procedures, and the delivery of pristine, high-quality clinical trial data.

We specialize in tailoring solutions to meet your unique requirements, providing real-time access to data for expedited decision-making and ensuring the safety of patients throughout the trial process.

As a data-centric CRO, we prioritize expertise and attention to detail in all aspects, particularly in data collection and management processes and strategies. Our exclusive focus on data ensures the delivery of a quality service and fosters long-term partnerships.

Our Clinical Data Management team is skilled in the utilization of R, enabling thorough integration of clinical data with heightened scrutiny to maximize data quality. This approach avoids reliance solely on electronic checks from EDC systems and lengthy SAS listings, ensuring robust data validation

We Provide

CRF design and preparation
Database Design and setup
AE/SAE Reconciliation
Electronic Data Capture
Data Entry/ Date integrity check
Medical coding using MedDRA and WHO DD Dictionaries
Database Cleaning
Database lock and transferring the data to SAS output
Data Validation & Query Management
EDC Consulting