Within the veterinary pharmaceutical sector, pharmacovigilance plays an equally critical role as it does in human medicine. Guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of veterinary products stands as a top priority for promoting animal health and well-being.

At Navatio Pharma Research Organization, we specialize in delivering a comprehensive range of Pharmacovigilance and Real-World Services meticulously crafted to meet the distinct requirements of veterinary companies. Our dedicated efforts aid in the continuous monitoring, thorough assessment, and enhancement of the safety and efficacy standards for their products. We extend our expertise across various veterinary subspecies, including Avian, Canine, Feline, Aquatic, Farm, Wildlife, Reptilian, Exotic, and more..

Services Overview:

Adverse Event Reporting and Management: We implement a robust system for the collection, evaluation, and reporting of adverse events linked to veterinary products in strict adherence to regulatory guidelines and product quality standards.
ICSR Case Processing
VeDDRA Coding
Multi-language Affiliate Services
Aggregate Reporting
Signal Detection
Literature Monitoring
Risk Management
Safety Data Exchange Agreements
Product Complaint Management